Bones EP

by Sam Keyes

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This EP is an accident. I wanted to demo some new songs and try out an old Tascam Portastudio 414 tape recorder I bought on a whim for £40 so I set up one condenser microphone in my kitchen set the gain to full and just sang live for about half an hour. When I listened back to the recordings I loved how bare they were, Its had the tape saturation I'd always tried to fake, no reverb and no overdubs, just 3 songs and nothing to hide behind which, considering the songs are quite personal, is exactly how I wanted it. It was also recorded using Jay Davies' 1960s Gibson after listening to an unfathomable amount of The Smiths, watching six hours of Iron Maiden DVDs and 2 crates of Fosters which was fun.


released July 8, 2015

'Bones EP' recorded on 19/08/2014
All songs written and performed by Sam Keyes.
Songs recorded by SpydaKorpse.



all rights reserved


Sam Keyes Essex, UK

I write songs about life and the way I live it, play and sing them until it hurts, have a couple drinks and repeat.

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Track Name: My Aching Bones
I keep sleeping through my days and wasting my time,
Cause I know what I’m looking for isn’t in this town tonight,
And maybe they never are and maybe they never will be,
Either way I’m still in this bar and all the drinks are on me.
And my bones ache and my feet are tired,
Wish I could take some time to rest my weary eyes.
And to finally get some sleep in my own bed
To take my boots off and lay down my head.

And maybe then it will all seem clear, that I need to choose.
A reason to wake in the morning and a reason to see it through.
And after that it might all seem clear, everything I ever knew.
Everything I was ever taught was so easy to forget and to undo.

I take so many steps back to look at my life,
That I’m getting further away from all that I need to find.
And I realise how far I am from who I wanted to be,
And despite all my falls and glories you’ll still never notice me.
But I carry on living this life of make believe,
Finding slippers made of glass and your name carved in tress.
But they were lies and I knew it and I did all along,
But it was so much easier living a life where I was wrong.
Track Name: Mend Your Heart
I wish I could explore the terrain inside your mind,
So I can learn of all the ways that I can make you smile.
To alleviate the chance of any future mistakes,
And how to fix the ones that I’ve already made.
I wish I could read the things that you say with your eyes,
So I know when you’re happy and before I make you cry.
Because I know it’s hard to say exactly what is on your mind.
But I will try to know even when you’re keeping quiet.

Because I want to love you, I’m done with all these reckless years.
It’s been hard to see them through, but now all I see is you.
And I can be a better man, if you’d give me the chance.
I could learn to love again, I could help to mend your heart.

I wish I could trace the lines around your face,
So I could learn of every difference with every year you age.
Treat you like a subject, something I’ll study through and through
Because I want to be fluent in everything about you.
I wish I could sing you to sleep each and every night.
So I can watch you drift off under these dimming lights.
See you sleep so peacefully, it would put my mind at ease.
And I’ll lay there beside you never wanting to leave.
Track Name: To Whom It May Concern
To whom it may concern, to the person I used to know
It’s been different since you left and it's been hard to see you go
I guess things are going well, I’m not looking for any sympathy
It's just hard to bridge the gap between who you knew and who I want to be

I kept your number in my phone since you’ve been away
I even kept the message that you sent me on the day
I wish I had replied, I wish I had the words to say
But it didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now anyway

I think of you a lot, almost everyday
And I’ve done some stupid things to keep those thoughts at bay
I guess that’s the fragile line between love and hate
Cause I hate myself for loving you this much

I hope that wherever you are or wherever you end up
There's someone looking out for you now we’re not in touch
That you don’t drink alone like I do and that somewhere down the line
I will get the chance to see you, so I can say goodbye for one last time

I’m trying very hard to make something of myself
To give this name some meaning without charity or help
So you'll see me in the street or hear this on the radio
And I hope you’ll smile about the boy you used to know

I think of you a lot, almost everyday
I’m still doing stupid things to keep those thoughts at bay.
I guess that’s the fragile line between love and hate
Cause I hate myself for loving you this much.